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Chula Vista Private Security in San Diego / Customer 3-16-2018. Fast shipping, great product! No different than the X26 model. I will be getting this tool for all of my security officer's on duty. I love it most because it does not take up room on my duty belt. Nice! The 2nd one I have, I carry it concealed everywhere I go. Come at me with violence! You'll get a real shocker in the end from me :) Thank you High Voltage Tactical for the great products! Bert Gines

bertrand g

This was a great experience in efficiency. From the easy and simple way the website worked to the quick shipping, while keeping me informed on the order status the whole way. What a great setup! A keep up the good work High Voltage Tactical

Jeff G

Just wanted to let you know,  product received is AMAZING!!!   I'm a certified tactical security officer with the state of Maryland an while on duty a violent assault took place in which the aggressor had a knife and would not comply with my repeated orders to drop the weapon and move away from the victim. After the 3rd warning that he would be tased...I deployed my PULSE TASER  on him and I IMMEDIATELY had control of the situation, cuffed the attacker having him ready for transportation for state troopers once they arrived on scene.  I will give my recommendation to ANYONE thinking about buying this product.                         Thankyou, 


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